About BE


BE is a community of blogs dedicated to learning English and Spanish. You can write in tandem, in a group or on your own. It takes just a minute to create your blog, and soon you will be learning Spanish or English. Reflect, write, give and receive feedback. If you are a teacher, sign your students up and ask us for free assessment!

BE is based on the principle of collaborative learning and Web 2.0. We learn by reflecting, by writing in the language we are studying but moreover, through the interaction among language students. We’ll explain it with two real cases.

Learning buddies
Andrea has created a blog to improve his English. Of course, that's the language he writes in. Any user can give him feedback but in addition, BE has hooked him up with a learning buddy, a language exchange blogger. That would be Brandon, who studies Spanish, writes in Spanish, and has a similar level. Both have made a commitment to read all their partner’s posts and give quality feedback in each and every one of them through the commentary tool.

Student groups
Each of the students at Middlebury College in Spain has a blog. In this notebook, they reflect upon their academic experiences in Spain within the framework of a seminar about Current Events in Spain. These students do not need learning buddies. The seminar's professor, the community of Madrid, BE users or any other person can give them feedback. In fact, they are already doing it!

As you all can see, BE doesn't require writing with a learning partner. But we highly recommend it because our experience has taught use that it is extremely useful when learning a language.

Knowledge without boundaries
BE is and always will be free for individual users, universities, academies and institutions. We are motivated by the principles of reciprocity and the bases of open knowledge.

Gabriel Guillén conceived and developed the project back in 2006-2007, which forms a part of a research project on Internet-driven language learning.

The following people have collaborated and/or are collaborating: Kim Griffin, Brandon Ferguson, Jorge Jiménez, María Lera, Jorge Martínez, María Mendiluce, Miqui Guillén, Kip Tobin, Víctor Alberola, Tony Cella, Middlebury College en España...

Do you want to participate in BE? Send an email to gabi at blogs-exchange.com!

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