Let's start


My name is Guadalupe and this is my first entry and my first personal blog. I finished my degree in June and now I am a primary school English teacher but I think and I know that I have a lot to learn and consequently I am looking for new ways to improve my English.

Mi experiencia en la universidad Espanola

Ayer fui a la universidad de San Pablo para ver una presentacion de mi jefe en mi practica a los estudiantes de negocios en la universidad. Era la primera vez que asisti a una universidad Espanola (debemos ser serioso; Sede Prim no es una universidad ni una esceula Espanola). Tambien era la primera vez que vi mi jefe afuera de la oficina en un nuevo papel.

My first day on BE

Hello everyone!!

This is the moment I guess most of the people in here was in. I mean, I love this website, and all the possibilities it can bring to you so you get into the blog and you don't know what to say. Anyway I'll take advantage of it as a way to introduce myself and think about what issue could be interesting to talk around here.


Hola a todos.

Quiero presentarme. Soy australiano y trabajo como periodista.

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