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My name is Guadalupe and this is my first entry and my first personal blog. I finished my degree in June and now I am a primary school English teacher but I think and I know that I have a lot to learn and consequently I am looking for new ways to improve my English.

From my point of view writting is my weakness and I feel that this initiative can be an opportunity for me to be more competent and independent on English.

I never really liked English until I went to the U.K. In Bristol I took classes and they were important. However, I lived with a native woman and three students from different countries and this experience was what actually made me learn. Since that summer my life changed and English started to be a way to understand the world arround me and I discovered what learning a language means. That was a lesson that any teacher taught me. Maybe because they couldn't or maybe because they didn't try but for me, as a teacher and as a student, this is the most important lesson.

To finish with I would like to ask you a question. What made you start to love a language? If you have a minute please answer me I expect your answers can help me to teach a language and not only grammar, pronunciation...

Thank you everybody.

Any comment will be recieved with gratitud.

Welcome, Guadalupe!!! Your

Welcome, Guadalupe!!! Your English is brilliant. We love learning languages because it is not only the door to a new world but also the world itself. See you around!

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